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Second Sight Wins Another Huge Submetering Contract- with Woodcrest Capital (2020)

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Second Sight has been awarded a submetering service contract with Woodcrest Capital to submeter utility usage of Commercial tenants at multiple property developments within the greater Fort Worth area of Texas. Woodcrest Capital is the owner of over 50 retail centers across the United States. Second Sight will deploy its state-of-the-art wireless networking equipment across each commercial center in order to automatically capture individual water meter usage by tenant and provide real time data reporting capabilities. 

Additionally, Second Sight will provide outsourced billing services to Woodcrest’s Property Management team, eliminating time consuming monthly administrative duties of meter reading and allocating water utility expenses. This is a huge win for Second Sight and a major growth opportunity in the ever-increasing water rate environment of Texas.

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Founded in 1999, Second Sight Systems is a total solutions provider for utility communications and technical field services.  Our Utility Field Services team is a provider of outsourced utility field operations and metering services to help improve efficiency, productivity, and response time. 

Second Sight Systems provides comprehensive utility cost recovery programs for multi-unit and commercial properties.  This includes electric, gas and water.  We can deliver a full solution including system design, equipment, installation, reading and billing services. To learn more, visit https://prdsecondsight.wpengine.com/services/submetering/ or contact our Submetering Services Team today at info@sssrf.com.