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Industrial, Manufacturing, Transport & Facilities

SSS designs SCADA and automation solutions for the industrial market and has experience implementing wireless data collection systems within a variety of operational settings. As a full-service installer of GE MDS industrial communications products, SSS is well-positioned to help industrial leaders take advantage of this emerging technology. Here are examples of how SCADA solutions can help you increase efficiency, lower costs and increase the profitability of your operations.

Industrial, Manufacturing, Transportation
  • SCADA systems are capable of managing parts inventories for just-in-time manufacturing, regulate industrial automation and robots, and monitor process and quality control.
  • Monitor and control remote pumps and compressors
  • Our technologies integrate seamlessly with PLC’s (programmable logic controllers) to provide customers with real-time data and control.
Industrial, Transportation
  • Transit authorities use SCADA technology to regulate electricity to subways, trams and trolley buses; to automate traffic signals for rail systems; to track and locate trains and buses; and to control railroad crossing gates.
  • Continuous communications for locomotives and transport vehicles provide valuable information such as location and status, and are especially important for unmanned vehicles. Our solutions enable high-speed, high-throughput data communication for vehicles as well as data acquisition for equipment and device status for preventive maintenance and reduced operating expenses.
  • SCADA regulates traffic lights, controls traffic flow and detects out-of-order signals.
& Facilities
Industrial, Buildings, facilities
  • Facility managers use SCADA to control HVAC, refrigeration units, lighting and entry systems.
  • SSS has installed SCADA systems to remotely monitor and collect data from electrical meters for energy management control systems.

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