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SSS goes everywhere in many markets

Our clients have come to know us as the go-to guys for everything utilities and wireless data systems. We serve multiple markets to help big and small operations take advantage of IoT, ensuring your network is properly configured, secure, and productive.

icon electric

Electric & Gas Utilities

Distribution automation and SCADA

Smart meters – AMR wireless communications

Meter deployment, maintenance, reading

SCADA communication to meters

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icon water

Water & Waste Water Utilities

AMI water meter deployment

Submeter services and billing

Pipeline monitoring and control

Lift station and pump site SCADA

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icon industrial

Commercial & Multi-Tenant Property Managers

Submetering systems for electric / gas / water

Billing and collections services

Meter installation and reading services

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icon government

Government & Military

SCADA system design and installation for electric / water metering

Electrical and mechanical meter wireless systems

Communication tower services

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SSS has completed successful projects in every state.

Our licensed professional engineers and technicians design, deploy and support around the globe. Learn more about our specific markets, projects, and success stories right now.