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Maximize Your Budget with Utility Submetering

As a leading utility submetering company, Second Sight delivers custom solutions for multi-family and commercial properties.

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Custom utility submetering systems for your multi-tenant and commercial properties

Second Sight Systems offers the complete solution for recovering utility costs: system design, installation, meter reading, and customer billing. With our tailored system, property managers can recoup utility costs by billing tenants directly for their water, electric, and natural gas usage.

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Why submeter utilities?

Allocating utility expenses according to individual unit consumption allows property managers to set up their properties for success. By not raising rents to recapture utility costs, utility submetering helps you maintain competitive market rates and increase cash flow.

Recover Utility Costs

With submetering, property managers can increase cash flow and save an average of 15-30% on utility management. When tenants are responsible for their energy and water use, costs go down.

Increase Property Value

A reduction of net expense through water and energy conservation and recovery of utility expense adds to property owners’ net operating income.

Promote Conservation

Studies show that utility submetering can result in more mindful energy consumption by tenants, leading to more sustainable buildings and properties.

Strengthen Tenant Relationships

Utility submetering helps create fair and equitable relationships between landlords and tenants.

Choose Second Sight for Utility Submetering

Our Utility Submetering Specialists craft code-compliant solutions specific to your multi-unit and commercial properties, including new construction, retrofits, and existing system replacements. From installation to maintenance, meter reading to billing, Second Sight has the solutions needed to keep your properties running efficiently.

With our premier wireless submetering system, Second Sight can provide you with accurate, state-of-the-art data management of utility consumption. Our web-based cloud platform allows property managers to view real-time and historical data of energy and water usage across all of their properties and tenants.

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Our Submetering Features

  • A complete outsourced solution
  • On-site installation and maintenance
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Innovative interface and alert system
  • Advanced data reporting
  • Timely and accurate billing solutions
  • System alerts
    • Power loss
    • Leak alerts
    • Temperature
    • High or unusual consumption

Properties We Serve

Utility submetering is the optimal solution for multi-tenant locations and commercial spaces, including:

Commercial Buildings


Homeowner Associations

Multi-Family Residential Properties

Mobile Home Parks

Military Bases

Student Housing

Retail Locations

CBRE Case Study

High-end retail and commercial property manager CBRE experienced numerous utility billing errors, resulting in tenant complaints. As CBRE’s new meter services provider, Second Sight successfully implemented our comprehensive utility submetering solution. By executing a full-scale property survey, meter replacement, and data reporting system, Second Sight delivered our tailored property utility management solution.

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Second Sight offers quality service, communication and support. The team is wonderful and always willing to go the extra mile to provide a high level of service to ensure the customer is always satisfied.

Leah Wildman
Real Estate Manager
CBRE | Property Management