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  • GE MDS™ Orbit Platform

    The GE MDS Orbit Platform supports a diverse portfolio of radios to extend network coverage in various spectrum and geographic conditions. MDS Orbit’s licensed solutions with QAM and adaptive modulation offers 6 times increase in speed, cutting edge performance and versatility in the 400 and 900 MHz frequency bands.

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  • GE MDS™ Orbit LN Series

    Improved productivity, optimization, preventive maintenance, quality control, regulatory compliance, safety and security are just a few of the requirements that drive the need for high performance networks to support multiple applications and deliver actionable data collected from remote, geographically dispersed assets. The MDS™ Orbit MCR-LN and ECR-LN radios bring new levels of networking performance to users operating narrowband licensed networks in 6.26, 12.5 and 25 KHz channel sizes.

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  • GE MDS™ SD Series

    The GE MDS™ Series solutions is ideal for customers using dedicated frequencies for long range communication. The solutions provide industrial wireless solutions that provide long distance communications over licensed radio bands, allowing users to interface to both Ethernet and serial devices such PLCs, RTUs and meters with host monitoring and control systems.

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  • GE MDS™ Master Station

    The MDS™ Master Station is a licensed wireless communication system built on a highly modular component protection framework to maximize network availability for critical applications. The Master Station utilizes the MDS Orbit operating system with its advanced networking and security capabilities to ensure a highly flexible and secure operation of the network.

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  • GE MDS™ Mercury 3650

    The GE MDS™ Mercury 3650 is a highly secure, industrial-grade communications platform for mission critical, industrial applications. It supports Ethernet, serial, and WiFi communications, offering extended range and high throughput of up to 30 Mbps.

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