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MDS™ Master Station

Industrial Wireless Solutions
  • Licensed SD330-512-MHz, 800-900 MHz
  • Licensed Orbit LN200-520MHz, 700, MHZ, 896-960MHz

The MDS™ Master Station is a licensed wireless communication system built on a highly modular component protection framework to maximize network availability for critical applications.  The Master Station utilizes the MDS Orbit operating system with its advanced networking and security capabilities to ensure a highly flexible and secure operation of the network.

  • Maximized network availability with 1+1 transceiver protection and hot-swappable, modular components
  • Flexibility of integration into MDS SD series, MDS X710/X790 as well as Orbit LN** radio technologies

The platform has a wide range of models with different radio, port density and technology combinations providing customers the flexibility to design a solution that best fits their unique application requirements.     


  • Redundancy with warm standby transceiver
  • Full duplex, half duplex and simplex operating modes
  • Operation as Master Station, Repeater or Remote
  • Backward compatibility with MDS x710 radios
  • 5 and 10 watt output power
  • Connectivity for multiple IP/Ethernet and serial host systems
  • MDS PulseNET management of online and standby transceivers