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Industrial Wireless Solutions
  • Licensed100MHz, 200MHz, 400MHz, 900MHz


The GE MDS™ Series solutions is ideal for customers using dedicated frequencies for long range communication. The industrial communications solution provides long distance communications over licensed radio bands, allowing users to interface both Ethernet and serial devices such PLCs, RTUs and meters with host monitoring and control systems.

The SD Series is the latest generation of GE MDS licensed narrowband wireless devices providing exceptional communication performance and reliability to meet demands for IP/Ethernet services as well as support for multiple devices and host systems. This model is compatible with previous generations allowing for a smooth and controlled migration for existing systems. The SD Series radios are compatible with the GE MDS Master Station.

  • High speed, up to 65 Kbps in 50 KHz channel in SD2 and SD9
  • Operate IP/Ethernet and serial communication on a single network
  • Connect multiple host systems to a single Access Point radio
  • Connect multiple devices to a single remote radio
  • Implement push communication and report by exception from remote devices
  • Simple, intuitive web based configuration and maintenance
  • Easy migration path from serial to IP/Ethernet
  • Backward compatible with existing MDS x710 networks
  • Compatible with the MDS Master Station