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Water and Wastewater Treatment Utilities

There is an urgent demand for upgraded communication systems in fresh water delivery and wastewater processing for state and municipal water utilities. Our solutions are tailored for this industry and provide advanced remote monitoring, protection and control of the utility’s assets as well as back-office solutions to manage the water network. Sometimes these solutions involve the GE MDS product line.  We also help secure reservoirs and pumping stations by providing communications infrastructures for monitoring vital water flows, and sending signals to pipes, valves and pumps.

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SSS excels at RF path studies and onsite path testing to establish reliable wireless communications for your SCADA or Telemetry application. By optimizing RF band, communication technology, repeater systems, antenna height, type, and gain and tower height– path calculation helps to design the most reliable communication path for remote asset monitoring, control and automation.
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Monitoring pipe integrity and controlling flow along the line is a challenge with water and wastewater pipelines. We answer this challenge by enabling remote status monitoring and control of field instruments, such as flow, pressure and temperature gauges, and block valves — allowing customers to increase transport efficiency.

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