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Tower Services

Whether you need to bring a new tower online, upgrade a tower, deploy new technology or decommission a site, Second Sight provides you the highly-trained crew and expertise to complete the project to the highest standard.

Our fully-certified tower crews offer a range of solutions from heavy tower rigging of antennas and microwave dishes to tower light and electrical repair work. We work closely with tower owners and operators to deliver safe and complete services.

Grounding /Safety & Tower Maintenance
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Communication tower equipment installation and maintenance services with our Comtrain-certified tower crews

  • Tower inspection, mapping, maintenance, and docommissioning
  • Installation of antennas, radios, weather sensors, lightening protection systems
  • Electrical grounding surveys for compliance to the Motorola R56 Standard
  • Anritsu™ certification for sweeping and testing coax / heliax
  • Heavy rigging capabilities to assist with hanging microwave dishes and heavy tower equipment

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Tower Light Repair/
Notam Monitoring

Tower light repair and Notice to Airmen Monitoring (NOTAM) on behalf of tower owners

  • Full service provider of maintenance, repair, installation and remote monitoring (NOTAM)
  • ITL™ and Flash Technology™ certified tower light partner
  • Spare parts inventory for all major tower light systems, including TWR, Flash, ITL, Honeywell
  • System troubleshooting and on-site repair
  • Tower light maintenance contracts with industry-leading tower owners SBA, ATC, Crown Castle

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Microwave Engineering &
Civil Construction
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Complete civil construction services for bringing a new tower site online

  • Tower site landscaping preparation, pouring of concrete pads, installation of shelters and generators
  • Installation of ice bridges and galvanized posts to support equipment
  • Safety surveys and final inspections
  • Grounding systems installation
  • Utility and Cellular tower experience with Ameren, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, SBA

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Tower Inspections

Contact us for tower inspection services using high resolution imagery and reporting.  Second Sight will assess your tower for safety and maintenance needs and document our findings with a visual report available to communication tower owners.

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