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Second Sight Systems wins utility metering service contract in MO, IL

Second Sight Systems, a leading provider of technical field support for electric, gas, and water utilities, is pleased to announce it has been awarded a significant metering contract with Landis+Gyr. This contract is a multi-year meter reading and maintenance project supporting the global market leader in grid solutions. This new customer engagement includes:

  • Providing AMR meter reading, maintenance, and installation services for Landis+Gyr – covering all of MO and IL for Ameren, Spire / Laclede Gas, and various other utilities. Second Sight will ensure accurate meter data collection for Landis+Gyr along with installation and maintenance of communication modules for AMR electric and gas smart meters.
SSS is perfectly positioned to help electric, gas, and water utilities get the most out of their smart meter investment.

SSS is perfectly positioned to help electric, gas, and water utilities get the most out of their smart meter investment.

How we ensure smart meter ROI for our customers

Second Sight is a nationwide provider of field solutions for the deployment of AMR / AMI smart meter projects. Partnering with Second Sight’s utility field services team allows customers to quickly mobilize and deploy smart metering investments that deliver higher revenue collection results, as opposed to going about it themselves with limited staffing resources and at a slower pace of deployment.

Expertise and a commitment to excellence enable us to tailor our technical field support to our client’s specific needs. This means that we can provide the fleet of skilled technicians to install, repair, and read meters, in addition to the strategic planning and deployment for AMR / AMI projects of any size and scale.

By using Second Sight as an extension of your field services team, utilities are able to focus on other parts of their operations, cut overhead and quickly meet the goals of the project much more efficiently.


To learn more, or to speak with an engineer on our team, call us at 844-789-9111 or email us at We’ll take it from there and help you get the insight and support you need.

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SSS to sponsor Synergy for Energy charitable golf tournament

SSS is a proud sponsor of Synergy for Energy charity event this June 23.

Synergy for Energy is just around the corner this June 23 in Fairview Heights, Illinois. It’s an annual golf tournament fundraiser hosted by Landis+Gyr to raise funds to support our  neighbors in need of utility bill assistance. SSS is a proud sponsor of this event, helping families warm or cool their homes when they need it the most.  To learn more about this important event, visit Synergy for Energy.

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Second Sight donates to help 2nd-graders get iPads

It’s so important to give back. This month, Second Sight made a donation to McCurdy Elementary School in Florissant Missouri – so they could purchase 5 iPad tablets for their 2nd grade classroom.

The teacher Ms. Dietrich said “We are working on developing 21st century skills; however, we are in dire need of technology. Students currently have access to computers once a week for testing. This has created a negative attitude towards technology. With iPads, I hope to motivate students to become 21st century learners and help the world around them.

Second Sight made a donation to McCurdy Elementary School in Florissant Missouri

Two wonderful children try out their new classroom technology.

Having engaging materials, such as iPads, not only gives students extra practice of critical skills, but also makes learning fun. Sadly, in my second grade class, students are already losing sight of the importance of learning due to outside factors. Having iPads will help the students to become invested in their learning and to really take ownership of their learning.”

Parents also understand this important link between learning and education. Ms. Dietrich reported that she received-written thank you cards from every single student, about 25 after getting the iPad tablets!

It’s so nice to see the smiles on the faces of our future leaders! And these thank you letters are a real indication of the impact of our gift. Second Sight is thankful to be in a position to help make a difference in the lives of these students. Take a look. – Todd Deibel, SSS President

Second Sight made a donation to McCurdy Elementary School in Florissant Missouri

These girls definitely dig their new classroom tablets.

SSS President Todd Deibel hold up the numerous thank you cards from parents.

Here’s the numerous thank you cards from parents.

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SSS joins #SAMEDOD for annual conference


Second Sight Systems is excited to be near our nations’ capital for the annual SAME (Society of American Military Engineers) conference. This networking conference provides forecasts and insights on the upcoming design, engineering, environmental and construction programs of the Dept of Defense and other Federal agencies. Cyber security is a major topic and specifically as it relates to industrial automation, wireless controls, and protecting SCADA systems for military facilities. This is right up our alley!

Also – great to hear from the top brass of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), a long standing satisfied customer of Second Sight Systems!


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SSS joins 160 businesses to support economic bill in Missouri

More than 160 business leaders across Missouri have signed-on in support of the Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment Act (SB 190/HB 628). In fact, many of them have sent support letters to their state legislators and to Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to express support for this important legislation.

Patricia Schaeffer, president of D&S Fencing in Festus, wrote a letter to the governor and legislators who represent her area. She told Gov. Greitens that it was important for Missouri to have an updated power plan and improved electrical grid, and that she hoped to see legislation passed to accomplish this goal.

“An out-of-date power plan is holding back millions in investments in the electrical grid that could lead to more work for my company and my employees, and a boost to our state and local economy,” she noted in her letter. “The economy in Missouri cannot be supported by the century-old power grid regulation guidelines in place.”

The owner of a land surveying firm in Perryville, Michael Zahner, of Zahner and Associates, wrote to his legislators and the governor noting that the passage of SB 190 would create new jobs and boost economic development in the state.

“We want to continue to grow our company and create jobs here in Missouri,” Zahner stated. “If the General Assembly passes the Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Act this session, I am confident we will see an expansion in our business as projects ramp up, just as they have in neighboring states.” He urged his legislators to make this bill a priority and to support passage of the bill.

Bruce Wylie, executive director of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, sent a letter of support of the legislation as a representative of 1,000 high-skilled workers across the state.

He noted that Missouri is “one of only four states that haven’t taken steps to modernize the regulatory framework governing the power grid.” SB 190, he noted, would provide Missouri the opportunity “to catch up with our neighbors, states including Illinois, that have benefitted in recent years from investments that created new jobs and increased the dependability of their power grid.”

He called the electrical infrastructure in Missouri “the backbone of our state’s economy.”

“Forward thinking improvements to the regulations governing energy in Missouri could create thousands of new jobs and lead to millions of dollars in new investment toward building a stronger, smarter, cleaner, and modern power grid.”

This article was originally published by Power forward Missouri, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation.

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Let’s connect at TechAdvantage!

Second Sight Systems is looking forward to seeing you at TechAdvantage 2017 in San Diego, this February 26 – March 1.

SSS at TechAdvantage 2017
We’re excited to share our story of helping electric cooperatives address their challenges associated with managing a more digital and distributed grid. Let us share with you how SSS provides co-ops the technology and field services partnership they require to help increase operational efficiency. SSS has delivered the following solutions to co-ops across the country:

Driving significant cost savings through outsourced field services: SSS provides technical field services for smart meter solutions including meter installation, maintenance and reading services.

Deploying wireless SCADA technology for remote monitoring of co-op field assets: As a General Electric certified partner for MDS Industrial Communications products, SSS has deployed and configured hundreds of GE’s next-generation Orbit cellular radios throughout co-op networks.

Utilizing SSS communication tower services for installing antennas and LTE cellular networks: SSS recently announced a partnership with a leading telecommunication OEM to help build out a next-generation LTE cellular network for AMI backhaul.

Whether you are an IT Manager, Engineer, or Operations Supervisor, we would love the opportunity to discuss how Second Sight Systems can partner with you to help build a more successful co-op.

Please contact me to schedule an introductory meeting during the conference.

Spencer Halbrook

Second Sight Systems


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SSS customer training event with KAMO Power – big success!

SSS just completed a customer training event in Oklahoma, hosted by our friends at KAMO Power of
Vinita, OK. Over 45 engineers and field technicians attended the two-day deep dive into the GE MDS Orbit and Master Station! Great questions and in-depth insight ensued. We definitely look forward to the next training event.


GE MDS Orbit & Master Station training with engineers and field techs of KAMO Power in Oklahoma

Customer Training with KAMO, GE MDS Orbit & Master Station


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SSS is selected by Ameren to ensure compliance with NERC’s security revision

SSS to provide communications installation, configuration, and testing for multi-substation project

For Immediate Release: (October 5, 2016) Second Sight Systems (SSS) has been selected by Ameren Corporation to help the electric utility comply with the new security requirements of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the company announced today.

NERC revised its security standards for electric utilities in 2013, requiring utilities to develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate the threat of cyber and physical attacks on the power system.

NERC’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Version 5 mandates several measures including a multi-tiered classification system that identifies grid assets along a spectrum of security risk from low to high impact. It also requires the development of a physical security plan to protect facilities that are critical to system restoration, particularly transmission stations and substations.

This past August, Ameren commissioned SSS to help deploy the utility’s CIP V5 low security compliance plan. The project covers more than 500 substations across Ameren’s entire network in Illinois and Missouri and involves communications installation, configuration and testing at every site. Each substation must have hardened entry-points to the substation house through controlled card-swipe access, in addition to surveillance cameras.

The scope of work includes designing and installing the wireless data systems to transfer the security data from the card swipe access points and surveillance video. In addition to this, Second Sight is designing a customized amplifier for enhanced cellular signal strength for secure, redundant communication.

SSS field technicians are uniquely certified to industry standards that meet NERC requirements related to substations and on-site substation work. These certifications include:

  • Transmission and power line awareness and safe working distance training
  • Power Safe Substation and High voltage training for High Voltage awareness
  • NERC certified Cyber requirement training

“SSS recognizes the importance of a hardened network to reduce cyber and physical threats to the power grid. Our extensive experience working with tier-one utilities as a strategic partner gives us unique insight into substation hardening within the regulatory environment. We are excited to partner with Ameren and deploy our expertise to ensure the utility is compliant with NERC’s new security standards,” says Todd Deibel, President of SSS.

Second Sight Systems is a leading provider of industrial communications and wireless data solutions for utility and industrial operations worldwide. With a record of successful projects in every state in the U.S., we deliver world-class solutions that provide years of reliable service. A full-service GE partner, we design and install applications for any size network. Our mission is to provide superior service in a field where quality and timely service are sometimes hard to find.