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SSS Ramping Up to Bring Quality Utility Field Services to Rural Electric Co-ops (2017)

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Second Sight Systems (SSS) is proud to announce that we have officially joined the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) as a Gold Level Associate Member. This means we’ll be able to better connect with you and meet the needs of co-op members undergoing rapid change.

Utility Field Services, Fiber Services like Testing, and joined NRECA

Rural co-ops urgently need SCADA upgrades, network security and affordable personnel solutions. To meet the demand, many are looking to qualified third-party providers such as SSS to deploy an array of utility field services, including:

• AMI / AMR meter installation and maintenance
• Contracted meter reading services
• Surveying for pole audits, inspections, grounding (Motorola R56)
• Certified tower climbers for antenna repair and equipment installation
• Fiber splicing, fiber testing and maintenance

SSS is boldly stepping up to the challenge. By delivering utility field services at the highest level we help rural co-ops drive new-era operational productivity and efficiency. SSS provides qualified utility technicians, professional fleet vehicles, and acts as an extension of your existing field team… no matter where you are located across the country.

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Call SSS to learn more about how we can help your rural co-op.

If your co-op is looking for a strategic partner, Second Sight is ready to support you. Working together, we ensure co-ops:

• Achieve cost-effective upgrades
• Rapidly deploy metering technology
• Achieve high-level security

To discuss how we can assist your co-op, feel free to call us at 844-789-9111. Or email me at spencer.halbrook@sssrf.com. I’ll take it from here and get you the help you need.


Spencer Halbrook,
Second Sight Systems | Regional Manager

More information about NRECA can be found here

Utility Field Services, Fiber Splicing and Testing, NRECA and About Us

Second Sight Systems is at the forefront of utility field services (including fiber), providing technical support to electric, gas, and water utilities, and contracted third parties. From the installation or the reading of meters, to AMI Network Infrastructure for the backhaul– Second Sight Systems provides quality services to all of its customers. To learn more, visit https://prdsecondsight.wpengine.com/services/utility-field-services/ or contact our Engineering Services Team today at info@sssrf.com.

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