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Second Sight Systems Adds ENSIGHT+ as its Primary Work Order Management System for AMI Deployments (2020)

| Tim Moore
SAINT LOUIS, MO – August 10, 2020 — Second Sight Systems, LLC, the leader in quality Wireless Utility Design, Engineering, and Installation Services, is proud to announce Ensight+ as the organization’s new primary Work Order Management System (WOMS) for all future AMI Deployment Projects.

Ensight+ is the top-rated, next generation WOMS currently used by many of the premiere AMI Meter Installation contractors across North America. Ensight+ is a highly effective mobile workforce management tool that features such key capabilities as:
• Work Order Management
• Scheduling, Routing, and Dispatch
• Quality Review
• Fleet Management
• Asset & Inventory Management
ensight, AMI Meter Installations, WOMS, Meters
ensight, AMI meter installations, Meters, WOMS
Ensight is an industry leading work order management system,” said TJ Mudd, Second Sight System’s AMI Program Manager. “Implementing it into our daily processes allows us to effectively manage and track both small- and large-scale deployments. Furthermore, it allows us to track our safety performance inside the system to ensure all work performed is done to the highest safety standard.” These are strong words coming from TJ Mudd, who over the last decade has been involved or lead such AMI deployment projects as Dominion Power (2,200,000 meters), AEP Ohio (500,000 meters), and Duke NC (350,000 meters).
While many businesses and contractors are struggling through the grips of COVID-19, Second Sight Systems has taken this as an opportunity to further strengthen the quality of its AMI meter installation operations. This step will also further strengthen and compliment their numerous services offering. From services covering Tower Installation & Maintenance, AMI Infrastructure Installation, Meter Installation, Fiber Installation & Splicing, along with Commercial & Multi-tenant submetering; Ensight+ will certainly help Second Sight Systems to be the best solution for turnkey utility Installation services in the US.


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