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Landis & Gyr Contracts Second Sight to Provide Meter Services for the Ameren and Spire Networks (2019)

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Second Sight Systems, LLC to Provide AMR Meter Services for the Ameren and Spire Networks..

The Challenge

Landis+Gyr fills an important niche as an energy management solution provider streamlining operations and reducing costs for major regional energy providers such as Ameren (3.3 million users) and Spire (1.7 million users).

As part of their meter service contracts, Landis+Gyr needed a qualified Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and maintenance provider for Ameren and Spire’s Illinois and Missouri service network areas. Landis+Gyr wanted an efficient, reliable, and qualified utility contractor to handle meter data collection to be used for end user billing.  Since these services typically have implications for over-all cost reduction as well as customer service, this project became a top priority for both Landis+Gyr and their utility clients.

Scope of Work

Landis+Gyr wanted a single contractor to provide technicians for 100% of their clients’ service network area. Because technicians would regularly interact with customers on behalf of client utility companies as they collected data and performed meter maintenance, Landis+Gyr had two primary requirements:

  1. All technicians must be properly familiarized with Landis+Gyr proprietary software for AMR and AMI data collection purposes, and
  2. All technicians must maintain a professional and knowledgeable appearance as a representative of client utility companies.

The Landis+Gyr software platform provides technicians with the tools necessary to remotely collect data from meters daily. Such data, which includes historical consumer information like meter location, address, previous billing data, and previous utility notes, were integral for accurate, periodic billing efforts. If data was not collected on time, Landis+Gyr’s utility clients would miss their customer billing deadlines.


Landis+Gyr hired Second Sight Systems to provide the professionals needed to support this project.

To adequately cover the large service area maintained by Landis+Gyr clients, Second Sight’s Utility Field Services group deployed a team of experienced technicians with a fleet of professional vehicles outfitted with advanced wireless radio communication technologies.

Second Sight’s experienced team included field supervisors, dispatchers, and over 50 qualified meter technicians. These professionals are specifically cross-trained in meter reading, audits,maintenance, programming, and installation, which means they are perfectly suited to adapt to the needs of Landis+Gyr and their clients. All technicians are also specifically tested and trained to interact with the public in a professional manner, above and beyond their technical expertise.

To support that manpower, the Second Sight Utility Field Services Group mobilized a fleet vehicle for every meter technician.  Each vehicle was fitted with advanced communication technology like radio hardware, inverters, and antennas to perform accurate wireless meter reads.

Finally, to keep Landis+Gyr and Second Sight operators in sync, Second Sight proactively implemented a weekly operational review that put managers from both parties in constant contact with one another. This ensured that both companies could discuss performance, safety metrics and personnel resources as it relates to the success of the program.


Second Sight technicians immediately stepped into their role with Landis+Gyr with professionalism and expertise. Both Ameren and Spire reported to Landis+Gyr that their volume of “skipped” meter reads had dropped since Second Sight had taken over operations, which resulted in more accurate monthly data collection and a reduction in billing users through estimated power usage.  These results ultimately meant that both companies could serve their customers better while at the same time reducing the utilities’ operating costs through an improvement in billing accuracy and a reduction in customer inquiries.  Most importantly, Second Sight has achieved these results while maintaining a perfect safety record. 

About Us

Founded in 1999, Second Sight Systems is a total solutions provider for utility communications and technical field services.  Our Utility Field Services team is a provider of outsourced utility field operations and metering services to help improve efficiency, productivity, and response time.  Services include AMI / AMR smart meter installation, maintenance, quality auditing, and contracted meter reading services. Our meter technicians act as an extension of our customers’ existing team in order to maximize productivity and optimize utility billing requirements.  We have extensive experience in water, gas, and electric meter and sub-metering services for utilities and commercial property managers across the U.S.

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Second Sight Systems is at the forefront of utility field services, providing technical support to electric, gas, and water utilities, and contracted third parties. From the installation or the reading of meters, to AMI Network Infrastructure for the backhaul– Second Sight Systems provides quality services to all of its customers. To learn more, visit https://prdsecondsight.wpengine.com/services/utility-field-services/ or contact our Engineering Services Team today at info@sssrf.com.

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