Our GE MDS Training Event at Ameren Headquarters was a Big Success!

Second Sight’s recent GE MDS customer event at Ameren’s headquarters in downtown St. Louis was a big success. Our team put on a first-class technical training session for over 55 attendees, representing 10 different utilities and engineering firms, many of whom traveled from several hours away to take part in the full-day training session.

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Need to Amplify Your Wireless Engineering Plans? Call 844-789-9111

Get the expert help of RF and network Engineers today!

When designing Industrial Control or SCADA projects, engineering firms will undoubtedly encounter data transport challenges in their planning. What are the best technologies, protocols and capabilities out there to give my clients what they need?

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Are Utilities Ready for the ‘Worst’ Hurricane Season? (2017)

Are Utilities ready?  The Atlantic’s hurricane season began June 1 and forecasters say this year will be the worst in 10 years. Anywhere between five to nine hurricanes, two to four major hurricanes, and 11 to 17 named storms are expected to strike now through November 30.  For utilities along the coast, this means working overtime to harden their networks and restore outages after blackouts. But just how ready are utilities for this above normal storm season?  Very ready, it seems so far. In fact, what some of these utilities are doing is simply above and beyond.

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3 Exciting Ways Electrical and Telecom Engineers Can Protect the Grid

Electrical and telecom engineers are incredibly vital to managing and protecting our new smart grid. While the grid guys maintain power and transmission substations – in addition to the physical layers of the network – telecom guys install communication connections and ensure end-to-end reliability of data transfer and related layers.

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GE MDS: An Amazing Look Behind the Scenes of Advanced Wastewater System Management (2017)

Adventures into Wastewater Systems… have you ever thought about what it takes to keep a major riverfront city like St. Louis, Missouri free and clear of rising stormwater and run-off? Recently the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) provided SSS with a private, behind-the-scenes look at their operations and exclusive tour of the two main pumping stations around the city of St Louis:

– The Bissell Point Pump Station
– Mill Creek Pumping Station

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