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Have You Recently Seen One of Our Techs in Your Yard? No Worries!

Why are We in Your Yard?

We understand in this age of smart home system technologies with surveillance cameras, it is very easy to be presented in real-time with an unknown character in your yard.  We completely understand this can be a scary experience when this happens, but rest assured our professional technicians are just doing their job.  Many utility companies hire subcontractors to handle meter reading or meter installation for electric, gas, or water meters.

If we are there to install an electric, water, or gas meter, this should be completed in a single visit and a door hanger will be placed on your door letting your know of the completed work along with contact details. In the case of meter reading, our technicians will probably be near your property as often as on a monthly basis.  This is especially true in Missouri and Louisiana where Second Sight Systems has multi-years contracts with the local utilities.  If you are a customer of Ameren, Spire, or DEMCO, there is a good chance this is the case.

Understand the meter belongs to your Utility, and in most cases our technicians may have been coming to your property in the past, possibly even on a monthly basis and you may have actually never been aware before.  Sometimes a meter can be read at a distance over the air (via RF) by simply driving by in a company vehicle, or even by walking down the nearby sidewalk with special equipment.

Unfortunately, there are times when reading the meter is is not possible over the air, or the meter is simply faulty. In these circumstances the technician will need to have access to your property to visually read the meters. In most cases the meter may be located on the side of your house or even in the backyard with a fence. In those circumstances, the technician will simply attempt to access without customer notification if that is the policy of your current Utility. If the meter is located behind a locked gate or other mechanism making it inaccessible, the technician will knock on your door and seek help from the customer for access.

An Example of Our Meter Technicians:

PPE Tech

Typical Technician Vehicle:

SSS vehicle

We understand there may be circumstances where this practice may not be satisfactory to the customer, and additional steps may need to be taken in the future for additional meter reading.  We ask if you have a circumstance such as this, or simply have any other questions regarding why a technician or vehicle was in your neighborhood or in your yard, please complete the form below and we’ll be happy to connect you with someone from our meter services team.

Thank you for understanding!

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