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A Total Eclipse of the Old

| jwalsh

Lights Out! August 21, 2017. Barnhart, Missouri. Just minutes before our moon began to travel across the disc of the sun, Second Sight Systems launched its first Cloud Based Data Acquisition System to record the momentous event. Using a photovoltaic (PV) array, and a GE MDS Orbit 4G Cellular Radio, Second Sight Engineers successfully recorded the power developed in a 1K Ohm load by the PV array during yesterday’s eclipse and securely transported the data via IPSec to a virtual cloud based server.

PV Array Power Time

This method of utilizing cloud based virtual assets to record and store data will allow Second Systems to provide customers with secure, scalable options for remote data acquisition while greatly increasing their data reliability. By virtualizing and decreasing the number of physical devices required to operate such a system Second Sight can provide an affordable way to meet your data acquisition needs.

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