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Need to amplify your wireless engineering plans?

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Get the expert help of RF and network Engineers today!

When designing Industrial Control or SCADA projects, engineering firms will undoubtedly encounter data transport challenges in their planning. What are the best technologies, protocols and capabilities out there to give my clients what they need?

Wireless industrial communication networks help your clients achieve reliable data transfer for a range of applications. As RF network technology evolves, wireless networks offer the speed, cost efficiency and security features to meet the demands of an IoT-vectored industry.

Second Sight Systems (SSS) exists to help you navigate wireless network requirements and provide you with the leading-edge GE radios and installation services. Partnering with you, we help develop comprehensive communication networks that adapt to applications, security, and regulatory requirements.

Firms benefit from SSS’ extensive knowledge and expertise in GE radios and installation.

Complete RF Engineering Services

Your firm will benefit from SSS’ extensive knowledge and expertise in GE radios and installation.

We are a one stop shop for your industrial wireless needs, allowing you to design your industrial wireless systems with the help of our RF and network Engineers. From beginning to end we do it all – engineering, path studies, radio sales, install, and support.

A nationwide provider of Industrial Wireless Solutions, SSS is also a full-service provider of GE radios, including the MDS Orbit Platform series which is well-suited for a wide variety of wireless applications while including network flexibility and military-grade encryption.

These next-generation radios allow Engineers to integrate a range of technologies, from cellular to Ethernet and licensed to unlicensed radios, while supporting your client’s need for secure private, public, and oftentimes hybrid communication networks.

To learn more – or to request a free 30-day, no obligation demo of the GE MDS Orbit Platform – give us a call at 844-789-9111. You can also email us at info@sssrf.com. We’ll take it from there and get you the insight and support you need.

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