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SSS joins 160 businesses to support economic bill in Missouri

More than 160 business leaders across Missouri have signed-on in support of the Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment Act (SB 190/HB 628). In fact, many of them have sent support letters to their state legislators and to Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to express support for this important legislation.

Patricia Schaeffer, president of D&S Fencing in Festus, wrote a letter to the governor and legislators who represent her area. She told Gov. Greitens that it was important for Missouri to have an updated power plan and improved electrical grid, and that she hoped to see legislation passed to accomplish this goal.

“An out-of-date power plan is holding back millions in investments in the electrical grid that could lead to more work for my company and my employees, and a boost to our state and local economy,” she noted in her letter. “The economy in Missouri cannot be supported by the century-old power grid regulation guidelines in place.”

The owner of a land surveying firm in Perryville, Michael Zahner, of Zahner and Associates, wrote to his legislators and the governor noting that the passage of SB 190 would create new jobs and boost economic development in the state.

“We want to continue to grow our company and create jobs here in Missouri,” Zahner stated. “If the General Assembly passes the Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Act this session, I am confident we will see an expansion in our business as projects ramp up, just as they have in neighboring states.” He urged his legislators to make this bill a priority and to support passage of the bill.

Bruce Wylie, executive director of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, sent a letter of support of the legislation as a representative of 1,000 high-skilled workers across the state.

He noted that Missouri is “one of only four states that haven’t taken steps to modernize the regulatory framework governing the power grid.” SB 190, he noted, would provide Missouri the opportunity “to catch up with our neighbors, states including Illinois, that have benefitted in recent years from investments that created new jobs and increased the dependability of their power grid.”

He called the electrical infrastructure in Missouri “the backbone of our state’s economy.”

“Forward thinking improvements to the regulations governing energy in Missouri could create thousands of new jobs and lead to millions of dollars in new investment toward building a stronger, smarter, cleaner, and modern power grid.”

This article was originally published by Power forward Missouri, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation.

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Why SSS supports the Economic Development bill in Missouri

Legislation to allow Ameren Missouri to modernize its aging energy grid would cost residential customers about $1 more a month, but would bring them $2.40 in monthly benefits and savings, according to a study by Accenture, a global strategic firm focused on infrastructure, security and business services.

The dependable, secure, and “smarter” grid enabled by the legislation would help customers save money as a result of increased reliability, reduced maintenance costs and new tools to better manage their energy usage and cost, according to the study.

A provision in the proposed Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Act would make the savings possible, while creating thousands of jobs. That legislation is now making its way through the General Assembly.

State Sen. Ed Emery (R-31, Lamar), introduced the measure, Senate Bill 190; a similar bill, House Bill 628, was introduced in the Missouri House by State Rep. Rocky Miller (R-124, Lake Ozark).

Upgrades in the state’s energy grid could prevent some power outages and enable utilities to restore power more quickly after power interruptions. In addition, a smarter and stronger grid would provide a better defense against physical and cyber-attacks.

In addition, the legislation also encourages cleaner and more renewable energy in the state of Missouri, including home-grown biomass, which can help grow the economy of rural Missouri.

The economic benefits would include the creation of more than 3,000 jobs. These infrastructure upgrades would better position Missouri to attract state-of-the art manufacturing jobs.

At a hearing before the Missouri Senate Commerce Committee, proponents testified that Missouri’s electrical grid is the backbone of the state’s economy. Changes in the century-old policies could greatly boost the economy. Through a thoughtful policy adjustment, Sen. Emery’s legislation would enable Ameren Missouri to invest $1 billion to modernize the energy grid over a five-year period.

Missouri is one of only four states that have not updated their energy policies to make such a modernization possible.

This article was originally published by Power forward Missouri, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation.

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Let’s connect at TechAdvantage!

Second Sight Systems is looking forward to seeing you at TechAdvantage 2017 in San Diego, this February 26 – March 1.

SSS at TechAdvantage 2017
We’re excited to share our story of helping electric cooperatives address their challenges associated with managing a more digital and distributed grid. Let us share with you how SSS provides co-ops the technology and field services partnership they require to help increase operational efficiency. SSS has delivered the following solutions to co-ops across the country:

Driving significant cost savings through outsourced field services: SSS provides technical field services for smart meter solutions including meter installation, maintenance and reading services.

Deploying wireless SCADA technology for remote monitoring of co-op field assets: As a General Electric certified partner for MDS Industrial Communications products, SSS has deployed and configured hundreds of GE’s next-generation Orbit cellular radios throughout co-op networks.

Utilizing SSS communication tower services for installing antennas and LTE cellular networks: SSS recently announced a partnership with a leading telecommunication OEM to help build out a next-generation LTE cellular network for AMI backhaul.

Whether you are an IT Manager, Engineer, or Operations Supervisor, we would love the opportunity to discuss how Second Sight Systems can partner with you to help build a more successful co-op.

Please contact me to schedule an introductory meeting during the conference.

Spencer Halbrook

Second Sight Systems


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SSS customer training event with KAMO Power – big success!

SSS just completed a customer training event in Oklahoma, hosted by our friends at KAMO Power of
Vinita, OK. Over 45 engineers and field technicians attended the two-day deep dive into the GE MDS Orbit and Master Station! Great questions and in-depth insight ensued. We definitely look forward to the next training event.


GE MDS Orbit & Master Station training with engineers and field techs of KAMO Power in Oklahoma

Customer Training with KAMO, GE MDS Orbit & Master Station


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Great seeing you at DistribuTECH!!

We hope you enjoyed DistribuTECH 2017 as much as we did. It was our pleasure highlighting all that Second Sight Systems provides in helping utilities solve challenges associated with smart grid deployment. If you missed us at the show and would like to know more about how Second Sight Systems partners with industry leaders in delivering turnkey solutions for utilities, we invite you to explore our website or give us a call.

With the record attendance and visitors to the SSS booth, we had an incredible forum to present our customer success stories. Here’s just a sampling of what SSS highlighted at DistribuTECH 2017.

Driving significant operational cost savings through outsourced field services: SSS provides one-stop solution utility field services for Landis+Gyr in support of smart meter AMI deployment for major electric & gas IOU’s

Deploying wireless SCADA technology for remote monitoring of utility field assets: As a General Electric certified partner for MDS Industrial Communications products, SSS has deployed and configured hundreds of GE’s next generation Orbit cellular radios throughout Ameren’s T+D network

Utilizing SSS utility communication tower services for installing LTE networks: SSS announced a partnership with a leading telecommunication OEM to help build out a next-generation LTE cellular network for AMI backhaul

If you missed these customer success stories or simply want to hear more about how SSS can help your utility with technical field services, SCADA systems, or communication tower services, then please contact us today. We look forward to seeing you at future industry thought leadership events!


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Second Sight Systems at DistribuTECH 2017 in San Diego! Booth #845

If you’re reading this now, chances are you’re on your way to DistribuTECH 2017 in San Diego. DistribuTECH is the leading annual electric power transmission and distribution conference that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home.

SSS: Booth #845 — GE MDS radio demos + charging station

Second Sight Systems is excited to connect with you at DTECH! Meet our expert engineers at booth #845 and get a demo of the latest in wireless SCADA radio technology featuring the GE MDS Orbit platform. Get a firsthand look at how SSS helps utilities control and protect their communications network with industry-leading products and engineering field services. Visit our booth and take advantage of our charging station and free WiFi – courtesy of a MDS Orbit cellular radio! – while learning more about Second Sight Systems.


Call us today to get your free, no-obligation demo of GE’s MDS Orbit Platform.

GE MDS Orbit platform

Our leading engineers are happy to answer any questions you have about the GE MDS Orbit platform. A next generation industrial wireless communications solution integrating a range of technologies from cellular to private, and unlicensed to licensed narrowband, the GE MDS Orbit platform supports utilities’ needs for secure private, public and hybrid communications networks. Today’s ever-changing landscape often forces utilities to work with a variety of technologies to reach their infrastructure assets and Second Sight Systems has the products and engineering expertise to help you optimize your SCADA network.

You can simply drop by our booth, or to schedule a meeting with our team, visit our contact page, and submit your name and info in the contact form.

SSS exhibiting at DTECH 2017

DTECH always brings the crowd and a great experience for all.

A Mega Conference

DTECH is the leading annual smart grid event and there’s no better place to network with utilities and smart grid providers, totaling more than 11,300 individuals from 78 countries. This year there are eight mega sessions providing critical insight into managing big data, embracing smart grid technology and advanced distribution management systems. Throughout, ideas will be exchanged and questions answered as more than 560 exhibitors offer their solutions and services. DTECH also features a Utility University starting Monday to give utility professionals in-depth learning about energy innovation.

Whether it’s at our booth, the breakout events, or mega sessions, we look forward to meeting you at DTECH!

SSS on Twitter @SecondSightSys #DTECH2017

Second Sight Systems is a leading provider of industrial communications and wireless data solutions for utility and industrial operations worldwide. With a record of successful projects in every state in the U.S., we deliver world-class solutions that provide years of reliable service. A full-service GE partner, we design and install applications for any size network. Our mission is to provide superior service in a field where quality and timely service are sometimes hard to find.

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How utilities can ensure cybersecurity under Trump

With President Donald J. Trump officially sworn into office, many fret over the impact his term might have on cyber security. Trump has said cyber defense is a persistent and top priority. However if past presidencies are any indication, Trump will be at the mercy of Congress, often reluctant to ensure strict cyber security laws. As a result, industry, particularly utilities, must pick up the slack to bolster critical systems, achieve truly resilient organizations, and keep the government informed.

Utilities will have to work closely with the Trump Administration to ensure cyber security remains a top priority.

Utilities will have to work closely with the Trump Administration to ensure cyber security remains a top priority.

On Jan. 5, National Intelligence Director James Clapper urged the private sector to “up it’s game on cyber security and not just wait for the government to provide perfect warning or a magic solution.” That will definitely be the case for utilities. While President Barack Obama made headway with his Executive Order Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, it’s not clear how Trump will build on these efforts, and how this will impact government mandates and guidelines for utilities.

Overcoming uncertainty

Now is the time for utilities to overcome uncertainty by sticking to hardline strategy. The recent news of a Vermont utility going on high alert for suspected Russian hacking speaks to the increasing need for high level reporting and response. To up its game and increase overall resilience against cyber threats, utilities will need to rely on solutions providers such as SSS to support mission-critical data communications, and utilize military-grade wireless radios from GE. With this kind of support, utilities will be able to deter threats more aggressively and respond to risks more effectively.

Obama’s key points

A few days before President Obama stepped down, the Presidential Commission issued recommendations for improving cybersecurity. One of its standout points demands that industry encourages Trump to build on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and harmonize regulations with the Cybersecurity Framework to simplify and enhance cybersecurity compliance. In addition, the Commission recommends that industry work to improve the security of IoT devices by creating voluntary standards that can later influence IoT laws, the Commission argues.

These efforts will help utility cybersecurity by providing continuity and regulatory direction. But what is best for utilities will have to come from the industry itself, as grid operators work closely with partners to implement new technology and replicate effective solutions.


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These trends will make-or-break utilities in 2017

2017 will be a busy and challenging year for utilities. Utility IoT will collide with regulatory deadlines and new cyber threats, forcing utilities to evolve at a blistering pace. Staying on top of these trends will help you prioritize, prepare, and plan in these challenging times. As SSS embarks on another year of partnering with utilities, here’s our pick of top trends that are sure to make-or-break utilities this year.

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